Sunday, July 11, 2010

365 Days, Day 34

“The sweetest sound of all is praise.” (Xenophon - Greek historian, author of the Anabasis, BC 431-350)

Before I even woke this morning the sounds of the birds were filtering into my head. I heard the sound of a plane coming in to land as I was lying quietly (we used to hear them all the time from our Three Bridges apartment and I miss the sound of them here in Maidenbower).

I took Lily outside and listened to the birds chirruping loudly in the garden, and the occasional train rushing past behind me.

Today is a sound day.

At the garden centre Ariel and I squeezed the dog toys and the fluffy toy birds to hear their sounds. I came across some bamboo wind chimes and had to try them all out for their varying timbres. Tom and Ariel listened too. Tom spoiled me and bought me the one with the lowest tone.

When Nicki and I were at Findhorn last year, we went one day up to the original Findhorn community which is situated next to a military airfield. Every so often a plane would roar overhead. The inhabitants of the community have mixed views about the plane; many of them find their noise invasive and irritating because the sound is so loud you have to stop talking until it has passed. Our guide said he found it a little gift from God because it was a way of making you stop. And take a break, a step back from what you were doing. And just be still until the plane had passed. I thought of that sentiment today when I had to take Lily out for toilet training, again. I sat on a little wall in the garden and took a break, from the ironing, from the cleaning. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have taken a break, wouldn’t have sat in the garden with Mother Nature AND my new wind chimes. The sound filled my head and it was good. Thank you Universe.

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