Friday, July 23, 2010

365 Days, Day 46

Wake up and live! Live that full and glorious life which is your true heritage. Be afraid of nothing. You have within you all wisdom, all power, all strength and all understanding. Pluck out those weeds of doubt, fear and uncertainty so that they cannot choke the beautiful garden deep within you… When your thoughts are of the highest, beauty and perfection are reflected without. You are like a mirror which has been highly polished, nothing can remain hidden (Caddy, E. 1986. Opening doors within. Scotland: Findhorn Press. July 23).

Embracing my journey:

I have some serious fears and doubts

Decisions have to be made

My backdoor is going to be shut

There will be finality

Looking back is not encouraged

An intense emotional journey

Amongst my personal history

I must weed out and select


My heart will shatter

I will need to be carried

I don’t know if I can do this


Will replace a lifetime

I am afraid

A frightened little buck

Caught in the headlights


Life still on hold


Go forth

Wake up and live

Reflect inner acceptance

Allow the garden within

To flourish

Another bee was found, outside this time. I also discovered a minute tarnished mirror tile. So I set about taking pictures of the little mirror front and back. My photography these days is experimental and gives me immense pleasure. I have taken hundreds of photos these past 46 days. What to do with them all...

I had to think about what my theme for the day was going to be. Today’s reading from Eileen Caddy’s book was a place so contradictory to where I am right now. A conscious decision will have to be taken to embrace my journey. In the meantime, my art and my photography provide some solace and escape and delight.

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