Thursday, July 29, 2010

365 Days, Day 52

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. (Marcel Proust)

Stimulate creativity

Get your eyes to see things

In an original way

Brush your teeth with your left hand

Lie on the floor

See things with fresh eyes


With your lipstick


With chocolate pudding

Listen to a new genre of music


Awaken your senses

Listen to the sounds

Around you

Peel a mushroom

But first

Look for the faerie

And place her

At the bottom of the garden

Amongst shiny glittery things

Make a faerie door

See things with daydream eyes

Look for dragons in the forest

See things with new eyes

Look for magic in your life

I remember at Farmyard Nursery School, where I taught years ago, Miranda mum’s once told me that every Full Moon they would put out a thimble of milk and a crumb of cheese for the moon faeries.

My children’s tooth faerie was called Erin. She used to write the children letters every time she took one of their teeth, leaving a shiny coin in its place. Erin would write - in tiny spidery writing - about the destination of the tooth, or relate how she had come the night before, but had been scared off by a huge feline on Ariél’s bed. I still have the letters. I wonder what happened to Erin…

When Kyle, Roarke and Ariél visited Aunty Ada, her unicorn would watch over them when they slept over. The unicorn would always be in a different position when they woke up. [Ada, you will have to remind me about the unicorn, I have forgotten the details].

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