Saturday, June 11, 2011

365 Days, Day 360

Children will draw pictures with everything in them...houses and trees and people and animals...and the sun AND the moon. Grown-up says, "That's a nice picture, Honey, but you put the moon and the sun in the sky at the same time and that isn't right." But the child is right! The sun and moon are in the sky at the same time (R. Buckminster Fuller)

Gather up your telegrams

Your faded pictures, best laid plans

Books and postcards, 45's

Every sunset in the sky

Carry with you maps and string, flashlights

Friends who make you sing

And stars to help you find your place

Music, hope and amazing grace

Maybe what we leave

Is nothing but a tangled little mystery

Maybe what we take

Is nothing that has ever had a name

(Mary Chapin Carpenter)

AriƩl decided to rinse out/use the dishwasher recently. She could not find the proper detergent for the dishwasher, so she used some Fairy (our local version of Sunlight liquid). She started the dishwasher, came back a few minutes later to see volumes of bubbling pouring out of the dishwasher! Keep Calm and Carry On. What to do! Then she recalled how, when one has a bubble bath and one uses soap to wash, the bubbles disappear. So she went and got some Dove soap (this is starting to sound like washing powder advert!) and applied it to the bubbles!

Clever girl.

Disclaimer: In reality this did not take place; it was a very vivid dream of mine.

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