Sunday, June 20, 2010

365 Days, Day 13

Last night we attended Sherell's party: it was held on Tony's farm down by the river. There was a marquee in the middle of the field with a table set with white and silver and a glass candelabra. Tres elegant. What a lovely evening: met some really interesting people and creatures [Noodle stole the show!], and caught up with Sherell and Tony, Stussy, and Nuschy's lives a bit...
Spent the night at a very 'rustic' guesthouse... Didn't sleep other than surface-dozing: I was freaked out by the place the moment we walked in... some very strange energies lurking there...
Came home with our car loaded with Ari's 'worldly' belongings!
Home safe and sound with our precious one!

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