Sunday, May 1, 2011

365 Days, Day 325

Ever so often the Key to the Future lies in the Past! (Rick Helders)

There is a rhythm throughout the universe.

The pulsation throbs within every heart,

During each moment of ecstasy,

In every birth contraction.

The rhythm exists in the pull of the ocean tide,

Around the weight of each raindrop,

Woven into every cocoon.

The sequence, the progression,

Is what we call time.

Our time of influence affects the expansion of the universe.

Heaven is eager to learn how we will add to the growth of eternal existence.

God is ready to respond as you take part in creation.

The rhythm never ends,

It only strengthens and expands.

This life force is you.

You are the mystery.

You are the journey.

[You are the Key]

You are exquisite.

You are here.

Now, it's your time.

(Julie Barnes)

I smiled again today. I decided to photograph keys for my blog. Then I looked at the Findhorn message for today; it starts like this: “Big doors swing on small hinges. Tremendous happenings start from very small beginnings…” Then I read the Ohm message which is about making small changes and opening new doors!

My rusty keys come from Dad’s garage: he has a box filled with hundreds of keys – from the Past! We tried loads of them in a lock but couldn’t find one that fitted. That is sort of what I am doing in my life right now, I guess: trying keys in loads of locks with no luck. But eventually one Key will be the right one, and a door will open…

How exciting to have some mystery and an unknown journey ahead. There are so many things (too many) – which fascinate me and call me nearer.

In the meantime, I have to come up with ideas for a poster for the October production. I have read the script but am not inspired to create anything yet. Maybe I need to re-read and look for themes… maybe there’s something about keys…

For now: Tick-a-lock

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