Saturday, May 14, 2011

365 Days, Day 335

If I was to survive, I must literally believe myself into being. This, of course, was essentially no different from what I'd always done. I'd simply believed in myself until, in fact, I existed (Sol Luckman)

And then I found myself losing myself (Sol Luckman)

Juxtaposing dissimilar images and text creates an interesting dialogue. I take pleasure in the little visual journey that emerges in my head.

I have been very strong and positive, even though sometimes it is a snow-covered- uphill-climb. There are times when I lose myself. A bit of my soul withers and needs to be nourished back to life. I cannot allow myself to get too ‘lost’ because there is always someone else needing nourishment too.

I must take time to go within and find my rhythm again; so that I can believe myself into existence. I want to be myself and not somebody I am not. I need to be able to be ME, not just an empty vessel. I want peace, tranquillity and serenity to emanate from me, so that I can create harmony in the world that I encounter.

Listen to the whispers, listen to the whispers…

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