Friday, May 27, 2011

365 Days, Day 347

Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you… you are - we all are - the beloved of the beloved, and in every moment, in every event of your life, the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know. Who can ever explain this miracle? It simply is (Mevlana Rumi 1207 - 1273)

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk (Raymond Inmon)

You may command Nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her. You cannot intelligently obey that which you do not comprehend. Therefore I also say, ask of Nature that you may be one with her and she will whisper her secrets to you to the extent in which you are prepared to listen. Seek to be alone much to commune with Nature and be thus inspired by her mighty whisperings within your consciousness. Nature is a most jealous god, for she will not whisper her inspiring revelations to you unless you are absolutely alone with her (Walter Russell)

A fast but long walk in the forest with Lilly today was good for my body. But I did not take the time to be with Nature or to listen to her. But I am making everything in me be an ‘ear’ – listening and picking up on whispers.

Tomorrow into the vibe and energy of London… what will I hear there? I will endeavour to hear the whisperings.

Sometimes in between Nature and Life, the whispers seep through. Right now my soul needs to be stabilised, so it has withdrawn from the world to an extent: to find peace and stillness. I have been fighting the system, the world – thinking that I need to find a job, need to earn money, need to be useful, need to be perfect. Perhaps I need to be kinder to myself and realise that what I think is right for me, may not be. Maybe I should stop trying to fix everyone and everything and let myself heal first. I wouldn’t mind a good relaxing Reiki session…

Actually I don’t like airing my feelings like this – it is very hard because I keep thinking that you are going to read this and be concerned about my well-being. But it is just a churning of thoughts that would usually be in a Diary that no-one would read. Sometimes just expressing in words what I think is a process of healing. Making order out of the chaos. So when you read these words, tread very carefully for you are treading inside my head…

Listen to what is being whispered to you: take time to be still and really listen. Will you share your whisperings with me?

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