Tuesday, May 10, 2011

365 Days, Day 332

All experience is an arch where-through gleams that untravelled world (Lord Alfred Tennyson)

To know where you are, you have to leave and return. You have to travel the full trajectory of the arch, heading out farther and wider before bending back toward the place you started. And when you get there, it is no longer the same place, because you are no longer you (John Tallmadge)

I look back

Through the arch of each day

And give thanks for the each day’s lessons

Some are harder

To accept and learn from than others

Places to go

And places I have been

I am no longer the same person

I am growing in experience and wisdom

To be used at a later time…

Each lesson

Is a stepping stone

Into the greater picture

That lies beyond the arches

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