Tuesday, August 17, 2010

365 Days, Day 71

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend (Author Unknown)

[My daughter is] my teacher, my advisor, my greatest inspiration (Whitney Houston)

From fluffy little scallywag to grown up beautiful young woman, Ariél has been my source of delight and comfort. She has always been ahead of her peers in ability and creative talent. She excelled at school (6 distinctions) and achieved a distinction for her Art & Design Foundation year in the UK. She has endured two very difficult years, with goalposts being moved continually. Yet, she has put her head down and got on with life, albeit with a ‘bit’ of encouragement along the way. She has grown in the past two years in confidence and life experience, acquiring inevitable ‘dents’ along the journey. I delight in the time spent with her: we laugh and she teases me (!) and enjoy each other’s company. She is my friend.

When she was little and we went out to Frankie’s Italian restaurant, she always ordered: sixteen olives and two viennas [olives are still one of her favourites!]. Ariél loves sushi and would eat it everyday if she could. She makes the most divine sushi!

Ariél loved her pink milk (mi-ma) when she was a toddler. Anything pink (her then favourite colour) was mi-ma. She couldn’t say the hard “c” sound, so Kyle was Tyle, Roarke was Wo-wi, and car was “tar”. We were on holiday in Durban and Ariél was being pushed in her push-chair when she suddenly nearly leapt out of the push-chair shouting, “Mi-ma tar! Mi-ma tar!” She would still rather like to own a little pink car, a retro Renault in ice-cream pink!

I love you, my little Precious One!

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