Monday, August 30, 2010

365 Days, Day 84

A moment in the life of Deidre and Ariel

It all began with the "For Sale" sign outside the house. We arrive home after an exciting (not) journey to the shops to get Jelly Tots and chocolate, only to discover *drum roll* that their are prospective buyers coming to look at our house!!!

Maybe it is a subconscious thing, but what we do next is bordering on the slightly irregular... actually mad. We find some cheap red gloves, that look like they used to belong to an "entertainer" of the male/female persuasion, as well as mom's cute little red hat. I promptly adorn myself in these things and proceed to act out the possibility of meeting the "mense" (the prospective buyers). This involves much waving of the gloved hands as well as a sightly dodgy Rocky Horror inspired accent. And of course mom as the scape goat.

What mom finds next is very unusual. She discovers, much to her pleasure, a piece of one of her art works. This hat/mask is quite honestly... frightening. It looks like some kind of balaclava, only more sinister. Also it has no mouth hole. And it is made out of leather.

Amongst rather a lot of chuckling we go downstairs to show off our outfits to dad. He smiles indulgently, as is his way, while we frolic about like mad people. What mom does next is truly inspires, she pulls the balaclava like mask off to reveal her face, which makes her look a bit like a goth Marge Simpson, with tufts of bright pink hair sprouting from the eye hole. I then put my red hat on to of her goth MH hairstyle, and we take a few snaps of this incredible look (see above).

So the moral of the story is this, no we did not greet the "mense" like that, in fact we quickly rearranged everything to an appearance of normality. But we did almost collapse with laughter and we also managed to capture a (not so infrequent) type fun and crazy moment in the lives of Deidre and Ariel.

Lots of Love and Madness

P.S: I know that wasn't exactly a moral, but my brain panicked when I tried to the of the right word and typed out moral. Such is life.


  1. My spelling was bad. I typed to fast and didn't check it. My bad


  2. I meant I typed TOO fast. Again, my bad.


  3. Ahahaha, Ariel is so funny!!! Her spelling is 'interesting' ;D

    Oh no! the first prospective bnuyers actually (oops ^* buyers) want to bnuy (haha) our house! I am gutted. Our plan to foil the "mense" didn't work!

    Deidre (this really is me and the rest really was Ariel)