Monday, November 1, 2010

365 Days, Day 147

I love body parts, especially hands (Portia De Rossi)

Hold a true friend with both hands (African Proverb)

I find hands incredibly sensual. I notice hands. And occasionally I see pair of hands that are really attractive. I cannot specify what it is about certain hands that I find so pleasing. I think the character of a person comes through in their hands.

My fingertips caress


Soft skin

Downy fur

Smooth cold stone

Rough sandiness

Wet sticky clay

Gloopy porridge

Warm softness

Hands held together in prayer are a universal symbol of humility and respect. I like this. Hands can be a channel for healing. And this is where I feel I am being nudged…

I am deliberately ignoring the fact that hands can be used to inflict pain: I do not wish to entertain negative thoughts right now.

Hands reflect our emotions too; clenched hands could be a sign of anger or fear. Think of wringing hands, rubbing hands together, steepled hands, and hands cupping the chin.

Hands can be used to hide things. Objects may be concealed inside our palm. Or we may use our hands to cover our ears when we do not wish to hear something or our eyes when we do not wish to see something (I do this one regularly when there are scary parts in a film!)

Hands reaching out to you…


  1. I hapily reach out my hands to yours and look forward with anticipation to the journeys we will take together as friends.

  2. Thank you, Gill. I look forward to our journeys together too :)