Saturday, November 6, 2010

365 Days, Day 152

Today mom went to "Day 1" of her Reiki course, as such she is now rather tired and worn out, and so has requested that I do a guest blog this evening. With such short notice, I have very little time to prepare. Actually, to be honest, I never do prepare. However, the fact still remains that I have no ideas what to do this guest blog about, so I shall just relate my day.

Being jet lagged I woke up incredibly early, probably about 6am, which for me is the middle of the night. I then got attacked by a small, slightly mad sausage-jack puppy (Lily), who, once she had woken me up completely, snuggled down for a morning nap. Next, I had apple deliciousness tart for brekkie, this was downstairs, not in bed... I wouldn't risk it, what with the Madness Hamster (Lily) roaming about and surprise leaping at anything edible (including my fingers and face).

Mom then dissapeared off to London for the day, whilst dad and I drove down to Brighton for dad's ILR test. I spent the morning in Costa Coffee doing crosswords, oh yes, my life is that insane, before meeting up with dad after his test - which he passed. We wondered around the lanes, had some yumm smoothies and did some more crosswords. Thanks Nan and Grandad for making me so addicted I do crosswords every moment of my spare time.

We came home, had lunch, etc etc. Next was walkies time, which involved the Madness Hamster again. It also involved the amazing retractable lead that dad has for Lily. Dad carefully explained to me how this lead worked, this buttton does that, that button does this and so forth. I just thought to myself, she who can use a laptop can use a dog leash. Uh, or maybe not. As it turns out, these things are harder to control than they look. I think I may have whiplash from all the yanking on the lead Lily did. Also, I may have sprained something whilst chasing the lead. Yeah, that's right, chasing the LEAD.

There I was, ambling along smugly with my attack rat when off she shot in pursuit of some delicious fox poo (her words not mine), the lead of course shot off after her, straight out of my hand. Which meant that I had to sprint after this small little dog with a speedily retracting plastic leash holder hurtling after her. She got distracted, so stopped and sniffled. The leash flopped down behind her whilst I stood panting near her. I grabbed the lead, smiled abashedly and dad then wiped my hand on my jeans. Brown stuff. Ugh, fortuneatley, just mud and not the elusive fox poo. The lead was covered in cold, sticky mud.

Dad suggested I simply wipe the mud covered lead in the grass, which I duly did. Lily of course, not one to waste time, spooted another dog and so dashed off towards it. This left me squatting down wiping my now empty hand in the grass as the lead flew off behind Lily. With a silent curse I stumbled forward desperately trying to stomp on the end of the lead, only to have it yanked from beneath my boot at the last moment. Just as I made a last desperate dive to catch the lead, Lily was once again distracted by something - possibly rabbit poo this time - I flew towards her and landed ungracefully in the mud, with the lead somewhere behind me. Oh, I think I may also have definitly scared off the other dog. Great.

And so shall I end the story of the day's escapades; dad is watching something mildly amusing on television and I keep getting distracted. Hmmm, I think possibly Lily and I are more similar than first thought...

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