Saturday, November 20, 2010

365 Days, Day 166

I will show you a love potion without drug or herb, or any witch's spell; if you wish to be loved, love (Author unknown)

The magic is within us…

Today we went down to Horsham to visit our storage container. There are two little ‘rooms’ on the third floor, piled with our boxes. We went to find the pasta machine. Instead the giggles and mirth burst forth when we came across Jack’s little brass name tag(!), a partially chewed dog toy (we brought it home to Lily who ripped out all the stuffing within two minutes, now there is a just a sad empty shell of a unicorn), and a decapitated father Christmas!

I was delighted to find my zebra cloak and my overlocker. It was like being a child at Christmas – all these boxes to explore! It was also rather frustrating because the boxes are pile on top of one another and you have no idea what is in the boxes below.

Our fun was brought to an abrupt end, with a friendly reminder that we had only half an hour before they locked up the storage. We came home with our laden with a couple of bits and bobs: black and purple cloak, toy for Lily, Red outfit from an RLT play, Tom’s high pressure washer, my purple fur bed cover and one purple cushion (have no idea where we will find the other one!), a box of random kitchen cutlery, Tom’s hunting jacket and my overlocker. No pasta machine. It remains hidden in a box.

[Was it only me who found this fun? Sometimes I fear that I am the only child-like one around: I am indulged by my family]

Tom managed to damage his finger heavy a heavy steel plate, not much fun especially when your fingers are frozen to start with.

We wandered down the high street of Horsham and bought some fresh pasta for our supper. Dashed back home in time for me to go to rehearsal, where only a sprinkling of the cast arrived to rehearse. Quite worrying…

AriĆ©l is off to work later this evening, so our little family’s paths have merged only briefly (and parted quite a bit) today.

I don’t need potions or herbs or witches’ spells: the child is within and I let it out to play, regularly. I wish to be loved, so I love…

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  1. I to am learning to let the child within out and i love - so am learning to be loved. Its very cool xx