Saturday, January 8, 2011

365 Days, Day 215

Be happy. It's one way of being wise (Sidonie Gabrielle)

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference (Reinhold Niebuhr)

The devil made me do it!

Day 1 of Reiki course today. In our introduction circle we had to share how Reiki has affected our lives since the last workshop and what we have been doing, and tell the group of our New Year’s Resolution. I am second in the circle. Next to me N goes first: he is already a Reiki practioners having done level 2 a few months ago. He spent 6 years in an ashram in Argentina, and a Reiki treatment there changed his life overnight. He has no TV, he sits on his yoga mat to read his books – he doesn’t need material things. He now gives Reiki, teaches yoga, does 2 hours meditation everyday and reads spiritual literature. And his New Year’s Resolution is to find peace.

I could feel the devil bubbling up inside me. Now it was my turn. I tell the group how I have given Reiki to my daughter, AriĆ©l, and how it is a privilege to spend this time with her, albeit on a different level. And my New Year’s Resolution – I hear myself saying - is to own a red MG this year. How materialistic and superficial! Everyone else in the group shares their NYRs - all are very spiritual and wise. Oh dear, of all the things you could have said, you have really blown this one, you silly sausage. Wise note to self: ignore the bubblings of the devil, be sensible and wise. De-ville: whatever – don’t worry, be happy!

Day 1 was a very intense day. We ended the first day with a Reiki swap – you work with a partner and give each other a Reiki session. It was wonderful. My partner, E was lovely. I enjoyed giving Reiki and receiving it. A good way to end Day 1.

The followed a brisk walk in the dark to the station, as I was almost at the station, the train pulled in. Between me and the train was quite a distance and a flight of stairs. I knew I’d never make it. But the conductor shouted to me was I wanting this train? I said is it going to Clapham junction? Yes it was – so she held the train for me while I ran up the stairs and let me in her little compartment behind the driver’s cubicle. Aw bless, how kind was she? Then on the next train from Clapham to Three Bridges there was only standing room, so had to drink my takeaway coffee with my left hand whilst swaying about, nonchalantly clinging on to the rail with my right hand, hoping that I won't spill the coffee down my front if the train lurches as I take a sip. It didn't spill.

So I have had a really brilliant day…


  1. good for you, really pleased, wanna do a session on me sometime ?? ;)

  2. Will definitely do a session on you :)