Friday, January 21, 2011

365 Days, Day 227

Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities (C. S. Lewis)

Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly (Rosalind Russell)

A train of thought got me to today’s theme. I was outside with Lily, who was so-to-speak naked. It was somewhat fresh outside this morning. Actually it was bitingly cold. And the thought of being naked outside set me on my train of thinking. I was standing outside chuckling to myself remembering various ‘naked’ incidents. Embarrassing stories ensue… hehehe

When I used to make wedding dresses from home, Kyle and Roarke would often greet the brides-to-be at the gate in all their naked glory (the twins' nakedness not the brides) and then continue with their favourite game of sliding down the stairs on a huge mattress that Ada had made for them. I only vaguely remember them being naked, but was reminded of this when years later I met up with one of ‘my’ brides who said she had been put off having children at the time, by seeing the little naked humans shrieking and laughing. She now had three children of her own, and understood the naked shrieking and laughing.

AriĆ©l once went to the theatre in Johannesburg without knickers! She was all dressed up in her princess dress, when en-route to the theatre we somehow (don’t remember the details) discovered that she had forgotten to put on knickers. She WAS only about four at the time. Ada insisted that we stop at Woolworths and buy her some knickers.

I bought Kyle and Roarke some body art crayons when they were little, to decorate their arms and legs and faces. They took it a step further: they drew all over their entire bodies and probably each others’ bodies. What fun to have a twin! We have photographic evidence of this.

There are some naked and semi-naked skinny dipping stories, but I won’t tell those now!

Oh, when Nicki, Chris and I were in Spain a few years ago we went to the naturist beach. Afterwards I felt that some bodies are best left clothed. There was the pink polony incident which I can’t possibly mention here and the very well-endowed very skinny man who followed Nicki and I into the surf of whom we were terrified, which I shall also not detail here! (We were not quite as brazen as most of the beach goers, we maintained some of our dignity and remained partially clothed)!

I do like the naked female body as an artist. I love its soft feminine organic lines. Much of my work has featured the female body. Another whisper to explore my own sensuality?

* * *

Today’s Art Journal Prompt:

Art Journal Prompt for DAY 7

“Message in a Bottle”

Write a message in a bottle from yourself in January 2011 to yourself in January 2012 and attach to your art journal page

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