Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 Days, Day 216

The heroine must become a spiritual warrior. ... She must not discard nor give up what she has learned throughout her heroic quest, but learn to view her hard-earned skills and success not so much as a goal but as one part of the entire journey. She will begin to use these skills to work toward the larger quest of bringing people together, rather than her own individual gain. This is the sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine--when a woman can truly serve not only the needs of others but can value and be responsive to her own needs as well (Maureen Murdock)

Our 29th Wedding Anniversary today.

Day 2 of Reiki level 2. I feel tired yet calm after a really hectic weekend. As Torsten, our Reiki master said – we are yet not proficient in Reiki, we are just on the next step of our Reiki journey. And will only reach the end of our training/journey when we reach enlightenment.

I enjoyed the dynamics of this second group – very different people to last time. But interesting how we worked together. Torsten is the most delightful Reiki master, not at all airy-fairy, just a down-to-earth ‘real’ person.

Now to spend a teeny bit of time with my little family – tomorrow the dynamics change here too: Kyle and Sarah arrive tomorrow night! And the family grows.

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  1. Happy anniversary Tom and DD x im wandering slowly along the journey of enlightenment too - its a rather peaceful road i think.