Wednesday, January 12, 2011

365 Days, Day 218

Move and the way will open (Zen proverb)

When the breeze blows Buddhist prayer flags, harmony, happiness, and good fortune are spread among all living beings. These prayer flags are squares of coloured fabric with symbols, mantras, sutras, and prayers that enhance the spirits and lives of anyone nearby. Prayer flags come in sets of five, with each flag in a different colour to represent the elements: yellow for the earth, green for water, red for fire, white for clouds, and blue for sky. (

Ariel bought some Buddhist prayer flags at the Bryanston Organic Market. We have not yet hung them up – because we thought they might get buried under snow.

I think we will hang them from the tree where the wind chimes are hung at the moment. From there happiness and good fortune can be ‘blown’ around the neighbourhood. This will probably raise the neighbours’ belief in our ‘oddness’. Hopefully no-one was about and watching me bury a tin in the vegetable garden last week… I need it to rust before I start an art work, so Tom suggested (yes, I am involving you in this piece of madness, Tom) that I bury it for a few days as the moist, aerated soil is perfect to create rust.

Just as well we didn’t find the concrete Buddha when we rummaged through the container today. For one thing it would have added another shake to the already shaking/nodding heads of the neighbours and secondly – it would not have fitted into the car. We had a very big laugh – food for the soul! – when we tried to fit about four boxes, and… loads and loads of other bits and pieces + three people into our little car. Sarah sat in the back with her knees around her ears with no room to turn her head. Kyle sat in the front with his chin at very weird angle pressed against the windscreen. And I sat in the driver’s seat spread out in comfort and luxury!

So when the wind moves our prayer flags, happiness will be carried on the breeze to you.

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