Friday, February 4, 2011

365 Days, Day 240

Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory (Les Brown)

I'll note you in my book of memory (William Shakespeare)

Memory builds a pathway that goes winding through the heart and keeps friends close together even though they are far apart (Author unknown)

Saw this bench in the Battersea gardens yesterday. I liked the message. the gardens will no doubt be lovely in Spring and Summer, but are a bit sad at present. Kyle and I walked around for about for a while then stopped at a little tea kiosk and had a herbal tea. He read his book and I read my new Reiki library book in between watching the locals walking their dogs. So restful. In the meantime, Sarah was in a very stressful interview.

We made our way to Nelson’s column, and had lunch in the crypt at St Martin’s in the Field, visited the National Portrait Gallery, and then made our way to Paddington for Sarah’s next interview. Kyle and I lurked about having another coffee – it was cold and windy and unpleasant out and nothing to look at…

I would like to go back and walk down the street that leads up to Sloane Square – there are interesting shops down this street, including one called Love (which is a cupcake shop: I got their book form the library recently and recognised the logo as we drove past in the bus).

All of these little outings with my chickens - AriĆ©l on Tuesday and Kyle and Sarah on Thursday– are delicious little memories in the making. I take the greatest delight in the time that I have with them, as I know they will all soon move on to their own lives.

I am noting all of this in my book of memories.

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