Friday, February 18, 2011

365 Days, Day 255

The sky is waiting to be touched by a hand of fabulous childhood (Unknown)

There is a bridge to the sky within your soul and a doorway to healing and peace within your heart. If we look inside and embrace our true essence we bless the source of life. See beyond your vision and you will find a garden of harmony and joy where every breath is a source of inspiration. If we dream new realities we will open ourselves to abundant blessings (Micheal Teal)

It was cold down at the sea. The sun was trying hard to shine bravely; it only managed a little grin out at sea. We braved the wind and made our way back to the lanes.

Sarah found a vegan café where she and I had a little plate of the buffet food. Kyle said he would wait for something more substantial (he didn’t get to eat anything!). This place was a warm retreat from the weather. And we discovered four wonderful levels. An Aladdin’s cave of crystals in the basement (Sarah bought a mystical bell); ground level was the café and reception where we met Eve who showed us around; first floor was the yoga room: beautiful, white, light and calm; second floor was the therapy room with loads of bottles of coloured liquid for colour therapy treatments.

I am definitely going back to this little haven. They are having a “gong bath” on Sunday but it is fully booked. I would like to go to the next one though. And possibly to the chakra yoga workshop…

The sky seemed to be so vast and beckoning. God was playing around with Her palette of paints and tantalising us with the spring colours She has in store for us.

There are some mornings when the sky looks like a road (Joanna Newsom)

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