Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365 Days, Day 238

Eat when it is time to eat. And walk when it is time to walk (Paulo Coelho The Alchemist)

Every human being has a personal legend to be fulfilled, and this is our reason for being in the world. This personal legend manifests itself in our enthusiasm for the task (Paulo Coelho)

Eat when it is time to eat. And walk when it is time to walk (Paulo Coelho The Alchemist)

There is a marvellous energy in London. It is a micro-cosmopolitan world.

Freezing on Three Bridges Station, our train pulled in a few minutes late, and we embarked – only to find there standing room only. So we jostled along until East Croydon, where a few passengers alighted. Ariél and sat apart. I had an interesting young girl across from me busy on her laptop, she had a quirky sense of style which I was drawn to. Later in the journey, a tall man stood in the aisle next to me, his nethers at my face level; I noticed that his fly was down (I couldn’t help noticing: it was right in front of me!) I refrained from telling him as I thought it would be embarrassing and awkward all round, so I left the poor man to get off at his station, not fully dressed.

Victoria Station was a mass of people swarming. We stopped for a coffee (and muffin for Ariél because she had not had breakfast). Then off to the tube station. Doors were closed to the entrance and we had to wait to go down onto the platforms because of passenger congestion. Once on the platform, we waited for three trains before we could squeeze ourselves onto the train. It was such fun – there we were packed like sardines, if one of us fell over the whole lot would have fallen like dominoes. I thought this was very funny. I also had the urge to take my comb out and give a coupe of very nearby fellow passengers a bit if a hair spruce, but fortunately I couldn’t move my arms (they were pinned down against other passengers to reach into my bag).

We got to Ariél’s interview early, so went into a Costas (it was also very cold out). I nursed my peppermint tea for over an hour waiting for her. During this time,

I realised that I love the vibe in London

I felt simulated by the creative, quirky fashion worn by a variety of people

I would like to be working in a vibrant environment

I started reading a wonderful Reiki book I got from the library and started making notes

I offered the seat opposite me to a young gentleman

I chatted to the gentleman, who is from the Congo, had an interview about renewing his passport, has lived here for nine years, has studied psychology and is presently looking for a job, his name is Aimé

I felt so comfortable and relaxed and at home

I realised that I am but an acorn on my journey; I have such a very long way to go still

Eventually I felt obliged to leave as there were more customers than seats. So I braved the cold and by now, rain to go and window shop. I spent a very pleasant morning, chatting to quite a few shop assistants (who all commented on my hair) and looking. I was reminded how much I love fashion!

When Ariél finally called to say her interview was over, I was way down Oxford Street. She was rather tired and wanted to come home, which we did.

On arriving home, there was a parcel waiting for her – and in it were three red dresses: one of them for me! Ariél has bought me a red dress! What a spoiled little Mummy I am! Thank you, my Precious!

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