Saturday, February 26, 2011

365 Days, Day 261

I have seen

A curious child, who dwelt upon a tract

Of inland ground, applying to his ear

The convolutions of a smooth-lipped shell;

To which, in silence hushed, his very soul listened intensely;

For from within were heard

Murmurings whereby the monitor expressed

Mysterious union with its native sea.

Even such a shell the universe itself

Is to the ear of faith; and there are times, I doubt not,

When to you it doth impart

Authentic tidings of invisible things,

Of ebb and flow, and ever enduring power,

And central peace, subsisting at the heart

Of endless Agitation.

(William Wordsworth 1770 - 1850)

This convoluted Hazel comes from Chris’ garden. I loved the convolutions, the different journeys which are happening within the whole. Some are frantic and chaotic, others are calm and quiet.

My journey into London on Wednesday.

A missed the train led to missing the next train too. Convolutions. Late for lunch, but ended being invited to join Chris’ friend Diane and her friends. We rearranged the furniture in the garden centre restaurant to accommodate all 6 of us. And had a lovely afternoon chatting to the ladies. They were surprised I am South African because they said I don’t have an accent at all (hehe)! They said when I next visit Chris I must have lunch with them again.

The convolutions of life had become calm.

Next day Chris got a phone call from Diane saying that her friends loved meeting me and that Mary said meeting me had enriched her life. Ah bless! [I am not sure what I did to deserve such a magnificent compliment…]

After a quiet cup of tea (herb tea for me) with Margaret next door (who also commented that I had no trace of a South African accent!) and a good long visit, Chris and I returned to her house. We settled down to watch some TV. The convolutions are calm and quiet.

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