Wednesday, March 23, 2011

365 Days, Day 286

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift (Albert Einstein)

If we do not see the beauty of God(dess) in this life then we never see it in the next life. We must see the glory of God(dess) in the smallest flower (Gerontissa Makrina)

When last I left Africa, I was hurt by it and angry. I knew I would never return to live here. What lesson was to be learned from this bad experience? It was a breaking of ties with the country.

This weekend in Natal, in the beautiful mountains with singing trees, my heart was healed. Nature, in all her splendour, has restored my soul. The people I interacted with were all unique and each contributed their special energy to the weekend. My favourite person this weekend was Rosemary, who at 86 thinks she has years to go before she is old. She said she could still dance on tables. I said I wanted to see her do it. Her daughter said, “please don’t encourage her: she will do it!” Rosemary reminded me of my Nan; she was full of fun, up for anything, and somewhat of a rebel. As was Nan.

Our dancing teachers each had their very own style of being. Ario, is a tiny little wisp of a creature, probably in her late fifties with so much chutzpah (yes, she is Jewish) and personality. Sue is a gorgeous, lithe, elegant, graceful creature oozing with sensuality in her every move, with playfulness and energy, with sincerity and stillness. I was mesmerised.

Being with my soulmate, Nicki was such a delightful treat; we can just ‘be’ in each other’s company. I loved sharing this weekend with her. Thank you, my sister.

Jemima the cat was a furry friend for the weekend, popping up at different sessions or even in the meditation room (which apparently she has not done before.

So many interesting people.

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