Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog for Mom

"The worst feature of a new baby is its mother's singing."

Kin Hubbard

Ok, so after many “requests” (I won’t say nagging, but that is what I’m thinking), I am doing a blog for my mom. It follows on from mom’s blog about her mom and granny, and of course her lovely and wonderful daughter (oh why yes, that is me! How kind of you to say!). Now I’m sure mom will be able to corroborate that I am not exactly the most touchy-feely-sharey-emtionsie type person, so this will probably not be in the same vein as mom’s writings. But I’ll do my best.

As per most of mom’s blogs I have included a quote, it is not inspirational, but it does “sing” true for my mom. Oh the times I have asked her (politely) to stop singing… and oh the times I have covered my ears and ASKED her to stop singing, bless her but mom was not born to be a singer, although I’m sure her hopes to be reincarnated as a cabaret star will come true, just not in this lifetime. Despite mom’s somewhat limited ability to sing, she was born to be loads else, first and foremost among those she was born to be the world’s best mom.

And I do not say that lightly, as I have witnessed other people’s moms, and mine is by far the best. Although saying that, I wouldn’t mind being awoken to crumpets for breakfast everyday… *hint hint ;) * I’ve so often had people say to me “I wish I had a mom like yours,” to which I normally just nod sympathetically at their misfortune. Mom is the mommiest mom ever, she’s lovely and wonderful and always there for us.

(Now it is time to relate some amusing tales of mom’s momminess - *ahem*)

The last time I laughed so hard my sides hurt was with mom, I forget what it was about, probably she had done something silly which made me giggle – i.e. the time she was approached by some stranger in Pick’n’Pay, and before he could even utter a word, she said with complete conviction “you think you know me, but you don’t”, to which he looked startled, then embarrassed before turning on his heel and fleeing the scene. I think I was standing there in mute amazement, before saying something along the lines of “WTF”, and bursting out into laughter. “You think you know me, but you don’t”, sorry what?!

Mom is sometimes ridiculously silly, which makes us all laugh like loons, but that I think is amazing, that she can be so ridiculous and still be able to be serious caring mom at other times. Much to my annoyance, sometimes mom just knows when something’s wrong, no matter how much I try to hide it and want to be left alone. She will always know and try and make things better; sometimes all it takes is a cup of hot chocolate or a warm bath. Mom I think is one of the most giving people; I know sometimes I can be… well let’s just say I’m not the friendliest person in the world, but no matter what I’ve done or said mom will still be right there when I need her. Thanks mommy-wommy.

I’m not sure what else to say, simply I do not want to risk this becoming soppy, because then I will be forced to delete everything and just put in amusing anecdotes, I hope I have the right balance so far. So to mommy, who does all the chores without complaint (unlike me, I complain a lot… a whole lot), who looks after everyone whether they need it or not, who makes us giggle, who gives us everything she can, who says ridiculously wonderful things to random people like “is this your boyfriend?” “No, this is my friend EMMA”. I love you lots mom, and I appreciate you so much, and despite what I might say, I do kinda miss you… a little bit… ;)

Lots of Love,


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