Tuesday, March 1, 2011

365 Days, Day 266

Maybe people share their secret selves with me because they sense it won't make me feel uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. I always feel like I've experienced a miracle when it happens. I guess, because to me, to reveal one's true self, one's spirit self, is to reveal God (Kaya McLaren)

If we live our lives as a gift it is possible to reach a blissful state of eternal happiness. It is those who live their life with a sense of entitlement that undermine peace, freedom and liberty. Know that every breath is a miracle and every moment a blessing and you will achieve your dreams (Micheal Teal)

On reading today’s wise words from my Opening Doors Within book, I decided on today’s them: Expect a miracle.

If we don’t expect miracles, they won’t happen, we won’t notice them. As some thing unfolds in our days – if we are looking, expecting – we realise that this is one of the many little miracles in our day.

Today one of my little miracles was the unconditional love in Lily’s eyes as she waits expectantly, yet quietly for her little bowl of food, or as I bent down to play on the carpet with her.

Another was having Kyle to myself for a quiet cup of coffee at the mall and a wander around the Waterston’s book store.

An impromptu drink (yes, I had a cappuccino in a pub!) with Tom, Kyle and Ariél - on the way home from fetching Ariél then Tom from work - in a pub up the road. With a roaring ‘fire’ in the background, we decided to come back here to celebrate my Birthday on Monday (quiz evening night!)

And yet another little miracle was Ariél rustling up some divine sushi for us.

My intention is to look for little miracles each day and then have gratitude for them in a special quiet moment at the end of the day.


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