Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 Days, Day 291

God could not be everywhere so He created mothers (Jewish proverb)

It was when I had my first child that I understood how much my mother loved me (Unknown)

My first fabric journal, entitled The Girls.

Page one is Shirley’s page.

Shirley is my mother, my friend, my confidante, my inspiration, my mentor. She has inner reserves of strength that keep her going - being wife, friend and nurse to my father through all his illnesses. She is self-effacing about her many talents; but has always had some creative activity on the go, from dressmaking to cake decorating to flower arranging, to calligraphy, to making the most beautiful hand-made cards for each of us on very many occasions, to exquisite watercolour paintings, to hand-made, hand-painted pottery and ceramics.

She has always had her own inimitable style in her appearance. I can remember being fascinated as a young child watching her get ready to out: putting on her make-up (false eyelashes too!), carefully tweaking the elaborate hairstyles (with artfully arranged hairpieces!), slipping into sequinned mini dresses with filmy chiffon layers or long dresses with diaphanous sleeves, and matching or co-ordinating shoes.

She is an inspiration to us - her children, in her devotion to dad. It is delightful to see mom and dad still holding hands when they go walking (to be honest though, these days it is probably because dad needs extra support and refuses to use a walking stick! *chuckle*). On a holiday a few years ago, it made me feel warm inside to watch them holding hands and helping each other over the rocks on the beach – not for support but just because they are still in love…

Mom has always been there for me when I have needed her. I remember her arriving at my house while I was sitting on the floor crying with a howling twin in each arm. She came in and calmly took a baby from me and helped put the “wheels” back on. She did this effortlessly without ever giving the impression that she was ‘taking-over’.

I have learned so many things from my wonderful mother. We have laughed together and cried together. A lot. We enjoy each other’s company and while I am sure I drive her to distraction with my ‘not normal’ unusual ways, she never shows any disapproval. I have always felt nurtured, loved and adored by my mom.

Thank you my little mommy: I love you very very much.

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