Saturday, April 2, 2011

365 Days, Day 296

Find the best in everybody… Wait long enough, and people will surprise you and impress you. It might take years, but people will show you their good side. Just keep waiting. (Randy Pausch)

Friends are a lot like slinkies. They are lots of fun to play with, and you just can’t help laughing when they fall down the stairs (Unknown)

I had dinner with the Boys on Wednesday. What fun. Haven’t seen Martin since we left school 30 odd years ago. Nor had I seen Mr our Cole, our English teacher, since I left school. Paul had told all of us a few years ago that Mr C had passed away. I was really upset by this because Andrew Cole is the reason I became an English teacher.

However, Paul’s information proved to be incorrect: as Mr C is alive and well! The wonders of Facebook. So we decided to call the evening the Dead Teachers Society. We had such a fantastic evening with much recollection of people and incidents that took place at school, catching up with each others’ lives (in a very small nutshell) and loads of laughter. By the end of the evening I looked a fright with my make-up running down my face from the tears of laughter.

Next get together of the DTS is 16th April (Paul’s 50th Birthday Bash), but I won’t be there…

[Andrew Cole pasted some pics of the evening on this site ]

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