Tuesday, April 12, 2011

365 Days, Day 307

Traditionally we are taught, and instinctively we long, to give where it is needed – and immediately. Eternally; woman spills herself away in driblets to the thirsty, seldom being allowed the time, the quiet, the peace, to let the pitcher fill up to the brim (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

The quieter you become, the more you can hear (Baba Ram Dass)

We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly… spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order (Susan Taylor)

Underneath the noise is an alternate world. A sense of calm pervades this space, allow it to seep over you and settle into you entire being. The little whispers can be heard here and toyed with.

When in the presence of a calm person, we tend to feel soothed; their quiet energy seems to activate a sense of inner peace. In order to be calm in turmoil, one has to be quiet: distance yourself from the immediate situation. Concentrate on a calm image, and tell yourself that you do not have to find a solution for the turmoil right now. It will come to you more easily when you are quiet and calm. Generate positive thoughts.

Listen to the quiet: the whispers, the answers are there.

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