Monday, April 4, 2011

365 Days, Day 299

Send TEN people flowers. Today. As a “Thank you” for good things small or large done in the last two weeks (Tom Peters)

Still – in a way – nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small – we haven’t the time – and to see takes time, like to have friends takes time (Georgia O’Keefe)

Thank you

to Tom for sharing me and indulging me and indeed encouraging me in my need come to South Africa, and for paying for my ticket! even though you miss my presence so much (not sure why!? It must be quiet and peaceful without my crazy nattering and randomness!)

to Ariél for picking up and just taking over all my chores so effortlessly.

to Mom and Dad for having me to stay with them and indulging me – which in itself is rather stressful, rather like having a wayward teenager in the house, I would imagine. And for putting up with my way of doing things rather than their own.

to Nicki for organising our dancing retreat at the Ixopo Buddhist Centre – for taking me along for the Journey. Thank you for sharing Olivia with me on Tuesday, she is gorgeous.

to Doug and Aileen for providing warm hospitality after my late nights out (I really felt like a wayward teenager!). I loved walking Kayla to school with Lydia, and seeing Kalya’s little school. And for the wonderful Friday afternoon with Aileen and Kayla (and Thabo) and the evening with Doug and Aileen – the sushi was absolutely divine, but more so, the chatting.

to Hanlie for the special coffee time and lunch we had on Friday. Thank you for sharing with me. You know I think you are amazing and I have THE greatest admiration for you.

to Ada for always being here for us, for my exquisite little Birthday squirrel, for looking after our Roarke, for being such a good friend to mom and dad, for all you take on for us in our absence.

to Hazel for always being so kind and caring, and for your positive admiration of me (I am always flattered, but never quite feel worthy of the praise and high regard!)

to Roarke and Gina for letting me share in the wedding plans – the visit to Sister Joan was really special for me, and for inviting me to visit your new home: I am so looking forward to spending the weekend with you two.

to Andre, Paul and Martin for allowing me to gatecrash your Boys’ night. A very special night! I loved every minute of it – and just for the record, Andre, no offence was taken at anything that may have been said, implied or even thought that night!! Looking forward to many more Boys’ nights out…

to Graham for orchestrating the play reading in my honour – wow, I felt overwhelmed and honoured to have had this special attention. You know how much I miss you and all of the RLT members and all the wonderful times on stage and off. The ‘lesbian experience’ was a new one for me – hope it lived up (slightly) to all of your fantasies (hehe)

to the feisty feminine girls with whom I am going to have a feast around the fire on Friday! Looking forward to being rowdy around the fire!

You have no idea how much I love all of this love and quality time.

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