Friday, September 24, 2010

365 Days, Day 109

We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves (Tom Robbins)

O to be a dragon, a symbol of the power of Heaven - of silkworm size or immense; at times invisible (Marianne Moore, O To Be A Dragon)

Never laugh at live dragons (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit)

Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth... Tame the dragon and the gift is yours (Noela Evans)

In order to face our dragons in life, we have to concede that the dragons exist. Our dragons are often our fears, which seem insurmountable. But if we take the time to introduce ourselves to the dragons, get to know the dragons and tame them, we can overcome our fears. Our dragons exist in the beautiful world of our imagination. If we fear the dragons, they become more powerful and prevent us from defeating them.

Imagine this. Think of a set of stepping stones across the grass, and see yourself walking across them. And now imagine that they are towering pillars of concrete sunk into a deep river bed, with only the top surfaces visible above the rushing water. Think of how that changes your perception of what is dangerous and what is not. Isn't it only just fear that holds you back from crossing the river? The possibility that you may slip and drown?

Remember that your imagination can be your greatest friend or the most deceiving of enemies. And you can learn to overcome your fear of your biggest dragons when you use the power of your imagination to see things in a clear, bright light.

And remember that things are never what they seem to be. You can decide the meaning of any situation in your life. It is your choice. (Neel Raman

I am going to look at my dragons, and paint pictures of them. I am going to tame them and then feed them. I want to lie down next to my dragons.

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  1. I adore dragons and see them as majestic creatures of magic, creativity and protection. They can be big and beautiful, awe inspiring and sometimes funny like "dragonheart" where i can ride on its back in the light of the dying day or tiny and mischievious like my cupboard full of "pocket dragons" who are just like children (whatch out when they sneeze!) I love dragons with a passion and totally believe in their exsistance but feel they are often misunderstood and badley protrayed. They have a huge copacity for love and play too and protect those that deserve their protection.