Sunday, September 5, 2010

365 Days, Day 90


I'm doing tonight's blog to surprise Mom, even though my timing wasn't that great and mom got home early so now she knows I'm doing a surprise blog (which kinda defeats the point). Anyway, tonight's blog is about dad, since he is returning to our UK home tomorrow; personally I'm rather excited at this aspect (don't get me wrong, I'm definitely going to miss my daddy loads), but he will be seeing Lily soon, and I can't wait to see a Skype video of her.

But I divulge; the above photo was taken earlier today, it's of dad and Kyle, just after a rather amusing event. Dad and I have this thing, in fact we've had this thing since I can remember, about bear hugs. I've always said that dad gives the bestest bear hugs, only because he must be the only person I've ever hugged who squeezes you so hard it feels as though your ribs are folding- in a completely lovable good way of course! So today, as dad is leaving tomorrow, I gave him a not-so-often-occurring bear hug (and yes I'm sure my ribs are now sitting at a peculiar angle). Kyle was in the garage and Sarah and I convinced him to let dad give a bear hug.

Needles to say, Kyle's face turned an amusing colour of pink and we all heard his back click. As this was rather entertaining, Sarah and I continued to convince Kyle to give dad a bear hug. And wow. Kyle managed to pick dad up off the ground in an amazing act of bear hugginess. It was, if I'm honest, VERY funny, but I'm sure Kyle and Dad are feeling a little bruise.

So here's to dad, for giving the best bear hugs, for being the best princess (me) spoiler, for irritating my brothers for me when we were little (that's a whole other story), for being super strong but actually just like a teddy bear, for being so understanding and wise - even though us kids sometimes have to endure dad's lectures ;). (I hope I haven't made this too dramatic, I will, after all, be seeing dad in a few weeks). But dad, we love you lots (I'm sure my brothers concur) and lots like jelly tots.

Lots of Love and Madness,

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