Wednesday, October 20, 2010

365 Days, Day 135

I fell off my pink cloud with a thud (Elizabeth Taylor)

I adore that pink! It's the navy blue of India! (Diana Vreeland)

Tickled Pink: to be happy

In the Pink: in good health

When I first dyed my hair bright pink, one of my favourite reactions was from M. one of my ex-pupils. She turned around and saw me and squealed, “Oh my &*$%: your hair!!” Priceless reaction; thanks M.

Pink is not as harsh or aggressive as red; it is the only primary colour + white that has its own name. I am drawn to pink; I like the girly-girl-ness of it. I do not like to see a man wearing pink: total turn-off (as are white shoes especially on a man; what I do like to see a man wearing is a suit. Hmmm).

I wrapped my paintings in the pink and white striped paper and tied them with ribbon. I took a deep breath, steeled myself and took them to the gallery. R. was very sweet; she said their walls were really too full at the moment. They will be rethinking in the new year, so they are not really accepting more artist’s work at the moment. But she said she would have a look at my paintings when she had a moment. And would be very honest about them. This was yesterday. I have not yet heard anything. But I am positive that when she does look, she will be delighted by them. I loved painting each of them. Gulp.

I am deciding if Paloma Shugar should have pink hair. She is going to be my main character for my next art work? book? She is being formed in my imagination…

One of the students at the EBD special school at which I taught last year called me Pinky, because of my hair. I didn’t mind: it was a lot better than some of the names I was called! I have been told by an airport security man that my hair was raunchy! Still trying to figure that one … Tom and I had this discussion; we decided that I do not really come across as ‘raunchy’…

I have had pink hair many times, with other colours in between, but always come back to pink. This year, I was inspired by a red handbag to change my hair colour to red for winter. My beautiful red handbag, you were not meant to be… So now do I change my hair colour back, so I can once again be in-the-pink and have matching handbag, boots and hair?

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  1. No, stay as you are as a rememberence to a good handbag that didnt get used to its full potential.