Saturday, October 30, 2010

365 Days, Day 145

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks (John Muir)

It is solved by walking (A Latin proverb)

Squelching leaves and mud underfoot, we walked through the forest and across the golf course fairways. Lily is starting to understand that if she comes and walks next to my feet when I say “heel” – she gets a treat.

I am starting to prepare for my Reiki course which I will do next weekend: I have to cut out coffee, alcohol and chocolate! And have to follow a vegetarian diet for the next week. It is also recommended that we take long walks this week. I can do that.

When I first started walking in our forest, I got lost – it seemed so vast and confusing. I am finally getting to know my way around now and have a picture in my head of what walks lead where. I have built up a relationship of trust with our forest. Like when at school bonding camps, you had to work in pairs and build up trust in one another. One of the pair is blindfolded and has to walk quite a circuitous route perhaps even up or down stairs, guided by their partner talking to them. It is quite frightening, having one your senses suddenly removed. I felt like that in the forest at first: I had no idea of where I was, but I was alone – I didn’t have a partner guiding me. Frightening for me because in life I have always had someone there to ‘hold my hand’. Here in the UK I have often had to do things ‘blindfolded’ on my own. It has all been a bit of an adventure.

Lily dashed off across the fairway, free of her leash, ears folded back over one another like a little cap on her head. I walked in the opposite direction to Tom (to dispose of her toilet-ings) and she spent exhilarated moments rushing between the two of us, trying to herd us back together. She could only relax once her pack was reunited. I know the feeling, Lily, I know the feeling.

To find new things, take the path you took yesterday (John Burroughs)

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