Saturday, October 9, 2010


Dear Diego,

I know you can't actually read this, and that if you could you probably wouldn't be able to understand it anyway.  I also know this may sound a bit melodramatic, as you have just moved homes, you haven't gone to heaven or anything like that.

I would just like to tell you though, that although cats are just supposed to be pets, I love you like you are a very special person to me.  I have missed being away from you these past two years, but at least I knew I could come and visit you.  Now, however, I will just miss you forever.  

I am sorry if it felt like I was betraying you and abandoning you, I wasn't.  I just want you to have the best home you can; you deserve to be treated like the prince you are.  I know you will be very spoiled at you your new home - don't eat too much you greedy little boy.  Please don't forget me, as I will never forget you.

I love you so much Diggy, and I know that everyone else who knows you loves you too (though I love you the most!).  I hope you are blissfully happy in your new home, and I hope that I can be too, even without you there with me.

Too much love to put into words,

Ariel (your human slave and tummy scratcher)

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  1. Aww, Ariel, my precious. You have made me cry. I am feeling your sadness. I know how you feel. Diggy won't ever forget you: you are his soulmate. I love