Sunday, October 24, 2010

365 Days, Day 139

Only those who truly love and who are truly strong can sustain their lives as a dream.

You dwell in your own enchantment.

Life throws stones at you, but your love and your dream change those stones into the flowers of discovery.

Even if you lose, or are defeated by things, your triumph will always be exemplary.

And if no one knows it, then there are places that do.

People like you enrich the dreams of the worlds, and it is dreams that create history.

People like you are unknowing transformers of things, protected by your own fairy-tale, by love

(Ben Okri)

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones (Chinese Proverb)

I have just finished reading a play script called Stones in his Pockets by Marie Jones. I have to create a poster for it, so needed to get a sense of the tone of the play. It was a well written, interesting script. I am looking forward to seeing this production.

Stones are fascinating little objects. I like picking up stones where ever I go – I chose one that I am attracted to and keep it. Gill says she always has a few stones in her pocket from special places. On my computer desk I have an oval rose quartz, which I like to hold in my hand. It is said to be the stone of love: it promotes feelings of love and well-being. I like the feeling of calm it gives me. This stone is a flower of peace for me.

My godmother, Hazel gave me a labradorite crystal before I moved to the UK. She called it her stone which was like the silver lining in a cloud; it is a darkish stone but held in certain light, it has a shiny, blue-green and gold sheen to it. The qualities of labradorite are

  • It stimulate imagination
  • It develops enthusiasm and thus, new ideas
  • Helps in meditation

Yesterday, in Brighton, Tom bought some little stone arrowheads form a Native American themed shop. The energy in this little shop is calming and somehow draws you in. I am interested to see what he going to do with his little arrowheads…

Sarah has a beautiful rose quartz lamp, which she had in the bathroom when I she ran me a special bath in my (ex)blue bath. I loved the soft gentle light it gave off…

I think of the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge, and the Easter Island statues… those huge energy-filled stones have been around for thousands of years. I muse over the stories that they could tell. In the meantime I will carry around my little pocketful of stones and try to move the mountain - one stone at a time.

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  1. DD, this is one of my fav of all your blogs - its really lovely and speaks to me of calming water falls and majestic mountains. I adore the pictures you paint and i find myself thinking of a page of stone/pebble/shell oriented things in my whisper journal. You are such an inspiration to me and a constant good guide for my soul - i love you my friend xxx