Wednesday, October 27, 2010

365 Days, Day 142

Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit (W. Somerset Maugham)

In everything the middle course is best: all things in excess bring trouble to men (Titus Maccius Plautus)

I think I don't regret a single 'excess' of my responsive youth - I only regret, in my chilled age, certain occasions and possibilities I didn't embrace (Henry James)

Sometimes it is deliciously decadent to be greedy. I can be very greedy at times. Although looking back on my life: there have been certain occasions and possibilities that I did not embrace and have missed out on some delicious excesses.

I have lived most of my life sensibly and moderately, not much to excess. I do enjoy (imported) chocolate, ‘special’ coffee [AriĆ©l please bring me MORE!], being lazy and sleeping late…

A girl can never have too much French perfume or too many shiny pretty things or too many shoes. I lust after shoes. I lust after… hahaha I can’t tell you ALL my secrets!

I regret…

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